Stock take help centre

Learn how to create, perform and submit a stock take.

Getting started

Create an account

To get started sign up for a Saledock account, this will give you access to the Saledock back office, POS app and stock take app. Your default PIN is 0000, you can change this from the back office when you login.

Additional staff accounts for your POS app and stock take app are created from the Saledock back office. Guidance on how to setup POS PINs for all user types can be found in the back office help guide under the Getting started section.

Download the app

To get started download the Saledock Stock Take app from the Google Play Store or Sunmi Store. You'll require a Saledock account to login to the Stock take app. The Stock Take app is not available on the Basic Plan.


Upon initial login you will be asked to login using your back office account details, this links the back office to your Stock Take app on that device. Next, select the store you'll be performing the stock takes from. This process is a one-time occurrence unless you uninstall then re-install the Stock Take application.

To login tap the circular profile tile, the first 2 characters of the users first name are displayed within each tile to identify the user. The default PIN for the admin user created is 0000 although we recommend you change this upon account creation. If you've alreay changed your PIN from the back office please use that PIN, it is the same PIN used for your POS app too. We recommend each member of staff has their own account with PIN access for security and accountability purposes.

Connect a scanner

As with the POS app you'll be able to connect a scanner to the app. Ensure any Bluetooth scanners are paired with your device before connecting the scanner to the Stock Take app. Go to the settings view and a list of all available scanners wil be displayed. Swipe down to refresh the view. Tap the scanner you wish to connect to the app and you are ready to go!

Create a stock take

By default the stock take list shows all stock takes created across all warehouses, ordered by due date (due first). Tap All warehouses to filter by a specific warehouse. Search for a stock take by the name given, or filter by status. All columns are also sortable.

Create a stock take

From the back office, tap the Products section in the navigation list then Stock take. Tap the Create button to create a new stock take. Specify the:

  • Stock take name
  • Due date - When you wish the stock take to be completed by. The due date will be displayed in the stock take app. The status of the stock take will change to Overdue if the stock take is not submitted by the due date. This status will be reflected in the app, the stock take list in the back office and also on the back office dashboard to highlight a stock take is overdue.
  • Assign to - Assign the stock take to a member of staff. The name of the staff member will appear against the stock take in the app. All staff members can see the stock take and it can be completed by other staff members if required.
  • Warehouse - Select the warehouse relevant to the count. You may have one warehouse per store.
  • Type - Full or partial stock take. If partial is selected you have the option to select single or multiple suppliers, brands and categories. Once a supplier is selected the brand list will be filtered to only include brands relevant to the supplier. The same applies to the categories. This is useful if you prefer to do smaller stock takes or perform stock takes by brand. Products that match a the supplier, brand and/or categories will be included in the stock take. The products are generated beneath to give a preview of the products included in the count.
  • Include archived products? - Select this option if you wish to include archived products in the count.

Tap Save to create the stock take. The view will update to show the progress of the stock take (0% upon creation) and the stock take will be shown in the list of stock takes to complete in the app.

View a stock take

Tap a stock take in the list to view the stock take information. Once a stock take has been started from the stock take app this information will be updated and display the progression of the stock take in real-time. The Stock gain, Stock loss, Stock net value and Stock quantity fields will also be updated but only apply to the stock that has been counted so far. This information is valuable only once the completed stock take has been submitted but provides an idea on the accuracy of your stock levels as the stock take progresses.

A stock take can be deleted if it has a status of New. Once the stock take has been started from the app it can no longer be deleted. A stock take can be Abandoned from the stock take app, the status of the stock take will then be reflected in the back office.

Perform stock take

View all stock takes to be completed

Login to the stock take app. On the dashboard, a tile will display the number of stock takes to be completed. Tap the tile to view a list of all the stock takes. Each stock take tile will display an icon; either representing a full stock take or representing a partial stock take. The tile will also display the Stock take name, Assigned to, Due date and Status. Search for a stock take by name or assigned to or filter by status by tapping the icon in the top right then selecting a status. Tap a stock take to begin the count, you'll be asked to confirm that you wish to begin the stock take. Once a stock take is completed and submitted the stock take tile will remain for 7 days where it can not be edited.

Perform a stock take

When viewing a stock take all products within the stock take are listed. Each product tile displays the Product image, Product name, Colour variant and Size variant. Tap to Exclude the product from the count. Search for a product by product name or tap the icon in the top right to filter the products by Category A-Z, Category Z-A, Brand A-Z and Brand Z-A.

There a 3 ways to count stock within the app: 1, Search for and tap a product tile. 2, Use a barcode scanner to scan a product. 3, Use the built in camera on your device to scan the product. To count stock for a product without scanning a barcode, tap a product tile, a control will be displayed allowing you to enter the counted stock for that product. If using a barcode scanner, scan the barcode and the same control will be displayed allowing you to add the total stock counted. The total expected stock will also be displayed within the control. If using the built in camera to scan barcodes tap the icon in the top right to launch the camera control. Hover the camera over the barcode, once a barcode is recognised a snapshot image of the barcode will be taken and the same control will be displayed enabling you to add the counted stock. Enter the stock and tap Add, the camera control will automatically become active again enabling you to scan the next barcode.

Mobile/Portrait tablet mode

2 tabs are displayed on the stock take page; Counted and Uncounted. Once a product has been counted it will be displayed in the Counted tab. A badge is shown on each tab indicating the number of products within each tab.

Landscape tablet mode

On the landscape tablet page, the view is split into 2/3 and 1/3. The 2/3 section on the left lists all the products to be counted. The 1/3 on the right displays the most recently counted products.

Review and submit the stock take

Tap the button in the top right and select Review or Abandon. The layout for tablet and mobile is the same for this view. 3 tabs are displayed on the review page; Unmatched, Matched and Excluded. Tap each tab to view the products within tab. A badge is shown on each tab indicating the number of products within each tab. The product tiles display the Product image, Product name, Colour variant, Size variant and Total counted in a "1/0" format. The first number being the total counted and the second being the total expected. Tap to Exclude the product from the count or Recount to recount the quantity.

Search for a product by product name only. Once you've review the stock take and are ready to submit the stock take tap in the top right then tap Submit. You'll be asked to confirm the submission, the confirmation dialog will inform you of any uncounted products allowing you to cancel the submission and finish the count. If a product has been sold since the stock take began you'll also be notified and given the option to cancel submission and re-check your stock levels. You may need to re-check your stock levels as items may have been sold online but the order has yet to be picked. Once the stock take has been submitted it will no longer be editable, the product counts of any excluded products will not be updated.

Review submission

To review a submitted stock take go to the stock take section within the back office. Tap a stock take in the list to view the stock take information. The Count progress, Stock gain, Stock loss, Stock net value and Stock quantity fields will represent the full stock take. Beneath the full list of products included in the count will be shown with an Expected, Counted and Difference value. The stock quantity for each product is automatically updated upon stock take submission from the app.

If a staff member excludes a product from the stock take within the app, the stock quantity is not updated updated and the icon is displayed to highlight that the product was excluded.

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